Chain hoists

ST Chain hoist

The largest range of chain hoists in the world for safe working loads up to 6,300 kg. Compact and easy to maintain.

(Extra) short headroom trolley

With headrooms reduced by 33 % and 60 % respectively, the [extra] short headroom trolleys achieve maximum hook paths.

Dual chain hoist

The STD dual chain hoist was developed specifically for long material and loads that need to be picked up at two points.

Big Bag

The big bag version is a special variant of the STD dual chain hoist for trouble-free lifting of bulky loads.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions adapted individually to specific requirements are STAHL CraneSystems’ forte.

Explosion-proof chain hoists

Explosion-proof chain hoists certified according to ATEX and IECEx for Zone 1, 21 or 22.