Mobilis MOVIT

This powerful single-conductor rail of the Movit series are characterized by robust profiles and an increased distance between their attachments. Simple but practical design, aluminum profile with a contact stainless steel surface and sophisticated collectors create a reliable power supply system that every customer can rely on. And the company Fels is also thinking for ergonomic and aesthetic aspects - high-quality of plastic materials and color matching of all details make each installation and subsequent use of this trolley impressive enjoyment.

Higher performance

Designed in aluminium with a stainless steel track for the contact surfaces, it offers you high conductivity, light weight, competitive production costs and flexibility of shape. With a clearance between rails of 50 mm, the aesthetic, compact design takes up minimum space and minimises voltage drops due to its low line impedance.

Highly practical

Numerous features make MOBILIS MOVIT easy to integrate, install and use:

  • simply sliding and clipping into the suspensions
  • compact connection requiring minimum preparation
  • high-speed collector travel (up to 600 m/min.)
  • long-distance lines without expansion joints
  • suitable for inside or outside installation
  • no tools required to mount insulation accessories
  • rail profile providing easy installation of a de-icing system etc.

A vast array of applications

With this particularly powerful single-conductor rail, whole new fields of demanding applications can now benefit from the innovations and top performance of the MOBILIS range:

  • handling of heavy loads;
  • port industries;
  • high-capacity overhead cranes;
  • gantries;
  • human transport (peoplemover, monorails in amusement parks etc.).


Innovations from integration to maintenance

Designed in the same spirit as the multi-pole conductor rail MOBILIS ELITE, MOBILIS MOVIT focuses on three key features:

  • simplicity, in terms of transport, assembly, maintenance and dismantling;
  • safety, by taking into account installation and service conditions as well as respecting standards and regulations;
  • reliability, for optimum customer satisfaction.

Easy installation and assembly

As with the entire MOBILIS range, everything has been designed to facilitate the mounting process:

  • suspensions pre-assembled in multiple pole units;
  • the profile easily slots into the suspensions by a simple clipping process;
  • many parts, such as covering flanges, feed boxes etc. are mounted without tools, screws or nuts;
  • all accessories are factory mounted.

General features

  • Conformance to standards CEI60439-2 and EN60204-32
  • Protection index IP23 according to CEI60529
  • Maximum operating voltage: 750 VAC
  • Minimum and maximum ambient temperatures: -30°C to +55°C
  • Resistance to short circuits: please consult us beyond Icw 8.5 kA 0.2s and Ipk 17kA
  • All plastic accessories are self-extinguishing
  • Using conditions : category 3 according to ISO2081 – external tempered conditions

Trolley Elite










From integration to maintenance - a whole line of Innovations

Aluminium conductor with stainless steel track

Simply sliding and clipping into the suspensions

The collector brush has innovative reinforced insulation


Greater safety

Security and working safety are the key-words for the entire range in total respect of the regulations and standards in force. The installed rail offers a protection index of IP 23, the PVC insulating envelope is fluted, thereby increasing insulation clearance, the collector brush has innovative reinforced insulation, the shape of the contact track enhances the quality and reliability of current collection, the quality of the materials and the care taken at every stage guarantee a long life.

Enchanced Efficiency

Just like the entire MOBILIS range, this rail has benefited from all the power of industrial design by combining performance, ergonomics, aesthetics and economic reality.

Individual parts of the Elite trolley


  • Aluminium conductor with stainless steel track
  • Self-extinguishing insulation in rigid PVC
  • Duty cycle at 35°C:
    • 100% for 315 and 450A
    • 75% for 630A


For the feed box and each junction between the rails, standard for all intensities.

  • Weight: 0.3 kg


Insulates the connections, no-tools assembly.

  • Thermoplastic
  • Weight: 0.17 kg
  • Length: 250 mm


For line link-up to a connection, with terminal lugs Ø10, 2 cable glands.

  • M32 (cable Ø 15 to 25 mm).
  • Thermoplastic.
  • Weight: 0.36 kg
  • Length: 290 mm


To insulate the ends and create transfer points, no-tools assembly.

  • Thermoplastic
  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Length: 190 mm


Supports rails and allows for rail expansion.

  • Clearance 50 mm, self-aligning
  • To be installed every 2 metres
  • Thermoplastic and anodised aluminium


2 clamps placed on either side of a sliding suspension to immobilise a pole.

  • Anodised aluminium
  • Weight: 0.07 kg
  • length: 40 mm


Maximum travel speed 600 m/min.


For single 200A and double collectors up to 5 poles.

  • Galvanised steel
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Length: 500 mm
  • MC 4960 for collectors 60A.


  • To mount sliding suspensions on the support structure
  • Clamping capacity:thickness 6 to 20 mm or 15 to 32 mm, widdth 300 mm
  • Galvanised steel


  • Compensates expansion on lines over 250 metres in length
  • Assembled like the rail elements, nominal length 4 m to be adapted according to the assembly temperature



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