Combined energy chains PLE

Combined energy chains

All ekd plastic energy chains are equipped with the integrated connector. Additional components for mounting the energy chain are not required.

PLE charakteristic

  • positive stay locking
  • both inside and outside radius can be opened
  • simple to shorten or lengthen
  • stepless stay length up to 1000 mm

The PLE with aluminum stays is available as

  • PLE with plastic inserts or plastic slot profile
  • PLS with foam slot profile
  • PLP with plastic divider PZ

PLE applications

Machine tools | Handling technology | Conveying and lifting equipment

Other PLE charakteristic


The maximum travel is determined by the arrangement and the additional weight (line weight). At normal arrangement the maximum travel is twice the free carrying length. Support rollers or similar constructive steps can increase this value.

In gliding arrangements travel distances up to 100 meters are possible.

Longer travel distances need further constructive steps, like SYSTEM MARATHON, which exceeds the travel distance nearly without limits.

Travel speed

There are no limits for the travel speed in general. But in gliding applications specific influences have to be taken into account.


In principle there are no restrictions for the acceleration. Limits can only be achieved at high tension forces caused by high additional weights.


The operating temperature is inbetween -20 ° C and 100 ° C.

Speciální provedení

ALLROUND all movements
ATEX EX-protection
ESD antistatic
V-0 self extinguishing



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