Steel energy chains SLE

Steel energy chains

In steel, stainless steel and hardened material is the steel chain in case of large free carrying lengths, large quantities of cables and heavy-duty hydraulic hoses first choice.

The system offers

  • stay distributions in many variants
  • stay fast assembly and disassembly
  • simple shortening and lengthening
  • shroud protecting pivot mechanics

The SLE is available as

  • SLA with aluminiumin T- or slotprofile
  • SLE with plastic inserts or plastic slot profile
  • SLS with foam slot profile
  • SLP with plastic divider PZ
  • SLR with pipe or roll stays

SLE applications

machine tools | mills | special machinery | wood processing industry | conveying and lifting equipment

SLE other charakteristic


The maximum travel distance is determined by the arrangement and the additional weight (line weight). At normal arrangement the maximum travel is twice the free carrying length. Support rollers or similar constructive steps can increase this value. In gliding arrangement travel distances up to 100 meters are possible (application dependent). Exceeding this value additional constructive action is needed (see design guidelines).

Travel speed

The standard and the stainless steel design is limited at 1m/s. Exceeding this and high dynamic loads caused by e.g. vibrations or high number of cycles require the use of the hardened (carburised) material.


The acceleration in principle is not limited. Limits are achieved, by very long chains and line weight that cause extreme tensile forces.


The long term operating temperature is -20 °C to 600 °C (-40 ° C stainless steel to 600 ° C).

Special types

Stainless Steel (above)

Carburised (hardened) (below)




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