Motorized winding drums

Our motorized winding drums are manufactured either as spiral or conical winding drums. They allow for the winding of cables or hoses and for transmitting power, data or fluids to mobile appliances. Thanks to many years of experience and our own development we can offer all types of drive units and thus manufacture motorized winding drums even for applications characterized with extreme dynamic stress. We produce drive units with a magnetic coupling, drive units with a hydrodynamic converter or direct drives with frequency converters or torque motors. Upon request, we can supply drums with a gravity drive.

Our production program also includes a wide range of accessories ranging from various pulleys, traveling funnels or equipment for monitoring tension in cable.

Motorized winding drums can be used not only on bridge, container, ship and building cranes but wherever appliances move at high speed, have high power input requirements or are used in applications with a high number of cycles. The design of the winding drum body and its drive unit follows the specific parameters of the customer’s application. We can supply motorized winding drums even for traveling gears longer than 1 000 meters.

The reliability of these machines is in direct proportion to the quality of their design. Our experience of many years guarantees reliable and high-quality components that provide power supply to our customers’ machines and equipment.

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