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Have you changed the load capacity of the crane, including the replacement of the hoist? Do you store used hoists, crabs or lifting motors? We also buy and offer older equipment, especially from the Stahl company.

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Dear business friends,

we would like to introduce you our company SLT components s.r.o. which was established at the beginning of the year 2016. Our aim is to supply quality components for lifting applications and energy supply systems for moving appliances.

We closely cooperate with the German-based company STAHL CraneSystems GmbH and focus on the supply of components made by this well-established firm. The Stahl products are characterized with its typical green top coat and can be found in the most industrial applications in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our company is the only distributor of this brand concentrating not only to the deliveries of hoists, end carriages, drive units and other components but also to the supplies of spare parts for these components. Recently, we have extended our portfolio with crane kits, just giving the chance to the smaller manufacturers of lifting equipment to produce its own bridge crane.

Not long ago we started the collaboration with another German-based establishment, VETTER Krantechnik GmbH. VETTER has been producing various types of jib cranes. These products together with wire rope hoists and chain hoists from Stahl provide  an attractive choice for every industrial enterprise.

We also closely collaborate with Hartmann & König Stromzuführungs AG. It´s a well-known german manufacturer of the cable reels and slip rings. Hartmann & König was established in the year 1945 and has managed to preserve the character of flexible and innovation company. This company provides an extremely wide range of cable reels and slip rings even not only in standard design but also like a single-piece production. In today’s global world, the individualized approach of this company is appreciated by many clients from various industrial areas worldwide.

We have added our production line of energy supply systems for plastic and steel energy chains. These products are manufactured by the company ekd gelenkrohr GmbH and our aim is to focus on technically more sophisticated applications used in more demanding environments, small built-in dimensions etc.

It is our philosophy and objective to promote business values like reliability, quality and above all, expertise. Although the today´s technology is often seen as a consumer goods, we are convinced that the values, that our company confesses are the best guarantee for development of long-term mutually beneficial business relationships.


Best regards

Petr Žemlička

executive director
+420 731 931 376

Ing. Zbyněk Dvořák

executive director
+420 602 102 225