Training centre for hoists Stahl and energy supply systems

We run a training center focused on Stahl hoists and power systems

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We run a training center focused on Stahl hoists and power systems, it means conductor bars, winding drums and festoon systems. Why did this activity arise? Because we are in daily touch with our customers. Whether crane manufacturers, service companies or end users. We often deal with recurring issues and recurring routine maintenance questions. Sometimes we solve accidents or technical questions related to putting this equipment into operation. This is clearly the case - technical knowledge is the best guarantee of reliable operation - and this knowledge is long and difficult to obtain without training.

Our training center is equipped with a 6.3 t / 13 m crane, which is equipped with modern Stahl technology. All movements are controlled by frequency converters, the machine has an overload unit enabling connection to a PC, analysing of operating datas and detection of the remaining safe working period of the crane (SWP). Easy access to these components is ensured by a safe platform, and in addition, the electrical equipment of the hoist is adapted to training purposes, so that it is easily accessible.

We also focus on energy supply systems, where we use our more than 25 years of experience in this field. We are not focused only on one manufacturer of energy supply systems and this gives the customer the certainty and guarantee of objective advice. Whether it concerns the conductor bars Fels, Conductix or Vahle … winding drums Hartmann or Conductix … we are at your disposal.


Training centre for hoists Stahl and energy supply systems

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