Spring cable reels

Winding drums or reels can be used in all applications where it is necessary to power mobile appliances which perform direct reciprocating motion or common uniplanar motion. In addition to standard drums we manufacture winding drums according to a customer’s specific requirements.

Expedition up to 48h

Hartmann & König spring cable reels are designed for both spiral and conical winding and for both horizontal and vertical draw-off. Standard coverage is IP 55. It is possible to transmit electric energy, data and fluids. We use various cables, including combined ones. Reels are driven with high-quality spiral springs whose service life spans approx. 120 000 movements, allowing for up to 65 m/ in draw-off and a maximum acceleration of 0.2m/s2. Standard reels are supplied with a zinc-coated finish; upon request, a stainless finish can be provided. We also supply special-design reels without slip ring collectors or with cable-guiding equipment.

Typical modes of application: truck cranes, portal and bridge cranes, various types of manipulators, travelling platforms, bridges on wastewater treatment plants and single-purpose machines. Various types and sizes of reels can be used for both short travelling gears that are only a few meters long and for travelling gears longer than 100 meters.

Our product range also includes all necessary accessories such as pulleys, booms, jibs, click and ratchet wheels, etc. Thanks to our standardized program of basic construction groups we are able to supply our products at very short delivery times; some items are even available in 48 hours.

HARTMANN & KÖNIG Stromzuführungs

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