Mobilis INNO - Power supply rail

The Mobilis INNO® range is an electrification system with a patented connection designed for travelling cranes and other equipment requiring a mobile power connector.

The optimum solution for long straight lines

The INNO® system is an optimised adaptation of the Mobilis ELITE® range. It allows you to make straight lines without expansion joint up to 250 m. All the components are perfectly sized for 40 A and 60 A rating. The result is a solution that is absolutely reliable and cost-effective, and ideal for a large number of applications that do not need the wealth of Mobilis ELITE® range options.


  • Compact multiconductor duct pre-equipped with four conductors
  • IP23 rating for outdoor use
  • Up to 250 m without expansion joint
  • Innovative, simple and fast connection
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Powerfeed at any position of the line

Assembly example


Save installation time

With the patented clip connection mechanism. Assembly is done by hand and no tools are needed. Engage the clip, then push the spring home: the “clic” confirms the good connection. A dedicated tool is available for removing the clip if needed.

Trolley Inno

1 End cap

2 Slinding hanger

3 Trolley

4 Duct

5 Carrier

6 Covering flange

7 Fixed anchor

8 Feed box


The INNO® duct complements the Mobilis ELITE® range. It will meet your optimisation and compactness expectations for standard straight lines with current requirements below 70 A.


  • Mobilis design
  • ease of assembly
  • reliable operating and simplified maintenance


Compact and reduced weight

The section of the INNO® duct is 30 % smaller than the ELITE® one. As a result, the INNO® duct weighs 10 % less than the ELITE® duct.

Reduced voltage drops

at connections thanks to the very large exchange surface and the holding of optimum pressure at connections.

Just a few components

Less than 10 different parts need to be ordered to make up your INNO® mobile power supply line.

Parts of the Inno trolley

Trolley power supply

It can be realized as final or continuous.

Compact and reduced weight

Comparison of cross section of Elite and Inno tracks

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