Atypical winches and crabs

SLT components s.r.o. produces lifting and handling equipment for customers in various fields. Hoists for process and container cranes with a customized design provide an optimum technical and economic solution which is guaranteed with adjustable travel and lift speeds, different duty classifications, modular design and custom-made electrical equipment.

Rope pulley blocks and crane components for bridge cranes are supplied as a kit. This facilitates fast, efficient and reliable construction, featuring high variability, low costs and user-friendly assembly.


  • Stationary and double rail crabs.
  • Atypical speed, working load, hook path and dimensions.
  • Individually designed classification to FEM ( ISO ).
  • Double grooved version.
  • Electrically powered bottom hook block.
  • Electrical drive with a frequency converter.
  • Overwind protection.
  • Load hook and ramshorn hook.
  • Design for specific environment.
  • Individually designed paint system.

In case it is not possible to solve the application using standard lifting equipment, we use the winches of our own design. We deliver the winches SLT for foundries, automotive industry, winches for manipulators, grab cranes and winches for special purposes.

SLT Components


Double-girder crab – winch of the main hoist.

Special crab for a grab crane with a snub roller for operation in a dusty environment (handling of broken glass).

Double-girder crab for a four-rope lift with a special grip for lifting of molds.

Electric rotary pulley blocks 63t.


Optional accessories




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