Plastic energy chains Kolibri

Plastic energy chains

The inexpensive energy chain for light-weigth applications. The patented opening offers high rigid torsion behaviour and comfortable handling in one.

Properties overview

  • easy access by flap stays
  • extremely rigid and wear resistant
  • unique separation with the pinch stay
  • smallest dimensions

Kolibri charakteristic

All ekd plastic energy chains are equipped with integrated connectors. Additional mounting parts are not needed.


Bending radii 15 – 300 mm
Inner height 7 – 50 mm
Inner width 7 – 205 mm


Energy chain 0,06 – 2,7 kg/m

Kolibri applications

robotics | handling | transportation | paper production | textile industries | water plants

Kolibri other charakteristic

Travel distance

The maximum travel distance is given by the arrangement and the load (weight of the lines). At normal arrangements the maximum travel distance is double the free carrying length. Support rollers or similar equipment may exceed this value.
In gliding arrangements travel distances up to 100 m are possible (according to the application).
For longer travels see chapter on design guidelines.

Travel speed

There are no limits for the travel speed in general. But with gliding arrangements application specific influences have to be taken into account.


There are no limits for the accelerations, in general. Limits may occure through the tensile stresses at high line weights.


Long term temperature limits are between -20°C and 100°C.

Special variants

ELTOLA silent running
ATEX EX-protection
ESD antistatic
V-0 self extinguishing

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