Atypical winches and crabs

  • Rope pulley blocks with a lifting capacity of 800 kg to 50 000 kg
    • Stationary, monorail or double-railed design
    • Two-speed or variable speed of lifting Transverse beams Traveling units
    • Adjustable travel speed
    • Two-speed or variable speed of travel

SLT components s.r.o. produces lifting and handling equipment for customers in various fields. Hoists for process and container cranes with a customized design provide an optimum technical and economic solution which is guaranteed with adjustable travel and lift speeds, different duty classifications, modular design and custom-made electrical equipment.

Rope pulley blocks and crane components for bridge cranes are supplied as a kit. This facilitates fast, efficient and reliable construction, featuring high variability, low costs and user-friendly assembly. Show more about company

  • Stationary and double-girder design
  • Atypical speed, lifting capacity, height of lift, dimensions and duty classifications
  • True vertical lift available for 4/2 – 1; 8/2 – 1 lifting
    • Electric rotary pulley blocks
    • Snub rollers – prevention of rope slipping on the drum
    • Electrical drive with a frequency converter, limit switches, and overload protection device
  • Equipment design for specific environments (dusty, etc.)

Double-girder crab – winch of the main hoist.

Special crab for a grab crane with a snub roller for operation in a dusty environment (handling of broken glass).

Double-girder crab for a four-rope lift with a special grip for lifting of molds.

Electric rotary pulley blocks 63t.



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