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Have you changed the load capacity of the crane, including the replacement of the hoist? Do you store used hoists, crabs or lifting motors? We also buy and offer older equipment, especially from the Stahl company.

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SLT components s.r.o. produces lifting and handling equipment for customers in various fields.


Atypical high voltage slip rings

Atypical high voltage slip rings, up to 35 kV, max. 315 A. We deliver individual forms of design and covering, also stainless design. High voltage slip rings contains internal ventilation and heating system.

Bridge cranes

Bridge cranes with load capacity up to 63 000 kg. Hoists with short headroom to achieve higher lifting height. Lifting and travel speeds 2-speed or with stepless speed control.

Atypical winches and crabs

Hoists for process and container cranes with a customized design provide an optimum technical and economic solution which is guaranteed with adjustable travel and lift speeds, different duty classifications, modular design and custom-made electrical equipment.