Delivery of a complicated energy supply trolley

A global company that deals with the service and overhauls of large steam turbines has ordered the renovation and supply of a crane and crane grab 63t / 5t from Carl Stahl / Nopo Engineering. This was a technically and logistically complex matter, as the reconstructed crane works in a historic hall that is declared a technical monument. All work must be carried out strictly in accordance with the documentation and prescribed technological procedures, of course there is a strict and independent control process of the investor. Due to the international structure of suppliers, it is also an organizationally and logistically demanding challenge, which is compounded by some technological limitations (for examle the inability to use welding technology). The crane reconstruction also included a complete replacement of the energy supply trolley supplied by SLT components. The delivery also included technical supervision related to assembly. Between 15.-16.5.2019 the first inspection day of this demanding assembly took place. The delivery of our company contained individually isolated trolley 500A with a length of 196m. The trolley contains 2 power supply points and expansion elements. In addition, it is attached using a special mounting system, that meets the strict requirements associated with this reconstruction.

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