Energy supply for painting platform



Realisation: 2021

Market: Paint shop for wagons

Product: Energy guiding chains

Producer: EKD Gelenkrohr

Supply of energy chains for energy supply (compressed air and electricity) for 14 pieces of painting platforms. 8 pcs of painting platforms are electric and 4 pcs are designed with pneumatic drives designed for environments with a danger of explosion ( Ex ). The remaining 2 platforms are also driven by pneumatic drives, but they work in a common environment. For potentially explosive atmospheres, these energy chains meet the requirements of the Atex certification for the Ex II 2 GD zone. Energy chains serve for the supply of electricity and compressed air not only as the main supply of these energies to the platforms (horizontal arrangement) but also for the vertical lifting and extension of the platform with the operator. Robust all-plastic chains of the PKK series are used for this purpose. Energy chains and an atypical guideline are products of the company EKD Gelenkrohr. The painting platforms were manufactured by the company Carl Stahl-Nopo.