Mobile energy for every spectacl

On stages around the world, our energy and data transfer systems always deliver award-winning performances. Despite not being in the limelight themselves, our customised cable reels and slip ring bodies are indispensable components that bring the lighting, sound and stage technology to life. Night after night, show after show. That‘s because the ensemble performance is critical, both on-stage and off-stage.

When it comes to transmitting energy and data safely and reliably in theatres, civic and multi-purpose halls, sports arenas, or on rotating exhibition stands, customers have relied on the flexible solutions from Hartmann & König for many decades. In addition to spring cable reels and motorised cable reels for virtually silent and continuous  power delivery and control of spotlights and loudspeakers, our repertoire includes slip ring systems for supplying   power and transmitting audio, video and DMX signals to continuously rotating stages. 

We have suitable technical solutions for all moving elements of overstage and understage machinery – from lighting gantries, loudspeakers, ceiling elements or theatrical rigging systems above the stage to lifting podiums and rotating stages below the stage. We also supply suitable components to ensure flexible supplies of energy and data to mobile rotating platforms for use in event rooms and exhibition halls.

Hartmann & König offers perfect solutions for undiluted theatre enjoyment. In addition, we keep a close eye on the strict safety regulations that apply to stage and event technology and on the needs of stage managers and stage builders.

SLT - Jevištní technika

Our solutions for entertainment technology

Overstage equipment  (lighting bridges,  loudspeaker systems, ceiling panel …) 

Hartmann & König Products
  • spring cable reels for data transfer
  • slip ring bodies
  • data and control current supply
  • data transfer
    • DMX signals
    • Profibus
    • Profinet
    • Ethernet
  • low speed
  • customised solutions (special cables needed)

Understage equipment  (lifting podiums, revolving stages ...)

Hartmann & König Products
  • slip ring bodies
  • power and control current supply
  • fata transfer