Even the older hoists are reliable

The TMETAL company is an established manufacturer of steel structures, machinery equipments and other appliances equipped with updated technology including CNC machines. Since its foundation in 1995, it has exported around 90% of its production worldwide. An indispensable condition for handling products weighing up to 20 tonnes is the reliable lifting technology supplied by the company Iteco more than 10 years ago. The supplied cranes are equipped with the renowned wire rope hoists STAHL series SH5, which have been operating without any defects from their installation. At the end of last year, the electronic overload units of these machines began to show inaccurate datas related to the weight of lifting loads, which led to some constraints of production. After a free on-site diagnosis performed by SLT components, the company's staff ensured the repair of faulty components and allowed further trouble-free operation of this technology.