How to take care of Stahl hoists

Surely you have sometimes witnessed a discussion between several service technicians who are exchanging experiences. Each of them is experienced, each of them knows their work well, which he has been doing for many years. And each of them has a different view on the basic work such as "how to replace the rope" or "how to set the limit switches". And what about the brake rotors, their wear, inspection and replacement? Not to mention the multicontrollers… differences between different types of units such as SLE´s, SMC´s and their settings is a topic that can be discussed for a very long time. That is why we very much welcomed the visit of an experienced and long-term employee of the Stahl service department, with whom we were able to discuss all these issues. And not only that. Thanks to the technical equipment of our training center, we were able to try everything in practice right away. The first day was focused on mechanical work and the second day on setting of the multicontrollers.

If you are interested in these topics and you feel that practical training would help you, simply call us. We are happy to share our knowledges with you…

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