Mobile Cranes

Maximum flexibility

Thanks to their mobile undercarriage supported on wheel  or chain travel gear, Mobile Cranes are indispensable today  for the construction industry, heavy-duty transportation,  or as emergency and rescue vehicles. Wherever heavy loads, great heights or physically confined working environments must be mastered, products from Hartmann & König are  the pivotal points for the supply of energy to bracket arms, grabs or machinery superstructures. In particular,  spring cable reels, hose reels and slip ring bodies  ensure the high functional availability of Mobile Cranes. They transfer power and data flows as well as other  media continuously and reliably.

Alternative solutions to today‘s fuel-intensive use of  diesel-powered machines, such as excavators and  loading machines, are considered a key technology  
in the context of the efficient use of renewable energy.  For many years, Hartmann & König has supplied systems tailored to customer requirements for the electrification  of mobile excavators with the help of spiral or cylindrical winding motorised cable reels. 

This electrification is particularly profitable on machines  that have a predictably limited scope of movement.  Motorised cable reels by Hartmann & König are an  eco-friendly solution for travel ranges of up to 1,000 m  and they help reduce costs in the long run. Thanks to  significant savings in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance and downtimes, the investment costs for a high-quality  power supply with motorised cable reels usually pay back  very quickly for the customer. 

SLT - Mobilní jeřáby

Our solutions for Mobile Cranes and material handling
Mobile Cranes, emergency vehicles

Hartmann & König Products
  • spring cable reels
  • slip ring bodies
  • spring hose reels
  • snow protection
  • more accessories
  • limited installation space
  • low speed
  • energy + data + control signals
  • high durability
  • special solutions required

Excavators / material handling machines

Hartmann & König Products
  • cylindrical winding motorised cable reels
  • slip ring bodies
  • hydraulic driven cable reels
  • hose reels
  • spooling devices for short and long distances
  • roller payout guides
  • payout chains
  • eco-friendly alternative to fuel-intensive construction machines running on diesel
  • limited installation space
  • restricted turning radius
  • safe cable guiding for driving along curvesand in swivel operation
  • transmit high power
  • for machines with a predictably limited scope of movement

Agricultural machines, crawler

Hartmann & König Products
  • cylindrical winding motorised cable reels
  • spooling devices for long distances
  • electrification of agricultural machines
  • low speed
  • long distances