Rail guided vehicle for transfer of iron coils



Realisation: 2017

Market: Plant engineering

Product: Spring cable reels

Producer: Hartmann & König Stromzuführung

In ironworks, the transfer of coils with rail guided vehicles is a common way of transport. Their power supply is often a small technical challenge. The winded cable must be protected from passing through the vehicles by placing it in the groove. It is not always easy to store the cable accurately, safely and reliably into the groove. One option is to use a spring cable reel. In this case, it is a spring cable reel Hartmann & König type LT 301/352 H4 - 60, which is winding 50 meters of the cable PUR-HF 4 x 6 mm2 . The storage into a small groove with dimensions 50x50 mm is reliably solved and the rail guided vehicle can seamlessly transport the coils with diameter up to the 2 000 mm with weight up to the 70 000 kg along the 100 meters long track.