SLT News 1.2021

These days, many of you have received an envelope with our corporate magazine SLT News. Why the envelope? We do have a time of digitization, modern information systems and robotics. We have… and yet there are still a lot of people who like to pick up a book or open a cover. We live in a rapid time full of change, but we still believe that the human mentality, feelings and desires remain the same. Despite of all the more or less sophisticated marketing theories and the changing market, the demands on suppliers and business partners do not change too much basically. Each of us requires reliable and qualified partners who keep our word. Those who stand behind their customers and are not only willing but also really able to advise them and … if necessary … come up with non-standard solutions. Since 2016, when our company was established, we have tried and are striving for this philosophy. And you have given us back this energy in recent years. They returned in the form of joint projects and orders, which we perceive as a sign of trust. Trust that we value immensely. And which binds us.

Thank you,
Ing. Zbyněk DvořákPetr Žemlička