Training for manufacturer of system concrete elements for building

On the 7th of  August 2018, was held a training for maintenance staff of a major international manufacturer of the system concrete elements for building. Our partner company, Nopo Engineering s.r.o. has concluded a comprehensive contract for the delivery of lifting equipment, both special and standard bridge cranes. SLT has delivered a significant part of components for this project. Not just the crane kits for standard cranes, but also cats and endcarriages from STAHL CraneSystems. The entire project was characterized by a short time from order to implementation and high demanding coordination of supply of all participating suppliers. Part of the project was a training of end-user staff for maintenance for STAHL lifting equipment. This training took place at the premises of the SLT company in the Training Center STAHL and all attendees praised the possibility of instant and easy practical testing of newly acquired knowledge.