Twin Drive Concept

Twice as safe and reliable

The TDC Twin Drive Concept is the uncompromising solution for hoists according to DIN EN 14492-2, Annex B. TDC wire rope hoists are suitable for the transport of molten metals and for use in high-risk applications: e.g. acids, alkalis, gases or transport through gas and acid pipelines. They are equipped as standard with two redundant motor/gearbox units. Generally, both motors are actuated synchronously. Each of the brakes mounted on the two motors are designed such that they are able to brake or hold the load on their own in an emergency. Both brakes are actuated together and serve as operating and holding brake. All drives in Twin Drive Concept wire rope hoists are monitored by condition monitoring systems from STAHL CraneSystems.

  • Fulfils requirements of industry standard EN 14492-2
  • TDC prevents the load dropping even if the gear should break
  • Two synchronously controlled hoist motors and brakes
  • Continuous monitoring of brakes, drives and load
  • Twin gear and braking safety
  • Two brakes with manual release for emergency lowering
  • Robust, fully enclosed system
  • Up to 60 % higher load capacity when not transporting molten metals

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