Without energy supply it is not possible

Recently I realized one thing. We pay a lot of attention to hoists, cranes and generaly lifting technology. We solve classifications, residual operation time, issues of static calculations. Things related to steel structures, hoists, drives.

But what about power supply?
Whether it's conductor bars, festoon systems, cable drums or energy power chains. If the power supply is designed or installed incorrectly, the whole device is at least unreliable or not working at all. It's simply not possible without power. That's why we were pleased with the interest of one of our customers in comprehensive training focused only on power systems. Their proper design, installation and maintenance. The training lasted all day and again it turned out that if people with the same focus and interest in what they do meet, the day will pass very quickly. At the end of the training, we all felt that we could continue for a long time. If you are also interested in energy supply systems, call us. We will be happy to share our experience with you.

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