Analysis of the state of the conductor bar for car manufacturer

On the 12th of December 2019, we handed over a comprehensive report regarding the condition of the conductor bar in the press shop at a global car manufacturer. This carmaker ordered our report due to many years of experience and expertise of SLT employees regarding power supply technology. The aim of the report was to contribute an expert opinion whether the current conductor bar needs to be replaced or can continue to be operated. This is an important technological device in the press shop and it is a technology whose reliability is key-factor to the trouble-free operation of the technological process of the entire carmaker.

The present conductor bar is 144 m long and is currently equipped with proven technology - Vahle U25 / 100C. There are currently 3 bridge cranes in operation on this track, of which the largest 63t / 20t crane was supplied by the company Nopo Engineering. The same company was commissioned by the end user to rearrange the existing cranes into another arrangement that better meets the manufacturer's requirements.