More than 140 years of hands-on approach and experience, the constant drive for innovation and lasting development characterize our history. We have influenced the development of industry in many areas and today we are one of the leading brands in the field of lifting technology. We have components that are also suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres. Chain hoists, cable hoists, end carriages, drives and state-of-the-art technology ... STAHL CraneSystems products are among the best in their industry.

Oil and gas industry

As the world’s leading builder of explosion-protected hoist and crane technology, STAHL CraneSystems offers the broadest complete portfolio for this sector.

Chemical industry

The chemical industry makes demands not just regarding explosion protection, but also regarding the durability of the materials used. The aggressive ambient conditions include acids, lyes and chemical compounds are typical for chemical industry.

Electricity generating industry

Hydroelectric and pump storage power stations, coal pulverisers and turbine houses – installation and maintenance cranes from STAHL CraneSystems are in use in the most varied types of power station.

Transport and logistics industry

High reliability and availability are particularly important in the transport and logistics industry. Off-standard cranes are no rarity here.

Steel and concrete industries

Extreme ambient temperatures, high dust exposure and strict safety regulations: specialised crane technology and great expertise are required in foundries.

Paper industry

Positioning paper reels weighing several tonnes precisely is one of the most demanding applications in crane technology. Onlyexpert crane build­erswith sound engineering expertise can meet these requirements.

Automotive industry

Whether heavy-duty crane or flexible light crane solution – crane systems in the automotive industry are integrated into complex manufacturing processes.


Harsh climate, salt-laden air – robust technology and perfect workmanship are needed in the offshore sector. The international project teamat STAHL CraneSystems will develop the best solution for even the most forbidding conditions.

General manufacturing

The production of goods and products in general involves lifting, moving and transporting loads in all branches of industry, trade, agriculture, forestry, mining, etc.