Supplying an automatic crane



Realisation: 2018

Market: Transport and logistics industry

Product: Cable reel, Energy chains, Wire rope hoist


This automatic crane is used to transport straw bales in the boiler room and uses most of the power and data transmission systems which are currently in use. Cable reel for power supply of gripping, self-supporting energy chain for feeding of crab and energy chain in sliding design as the main power supply to the crane.

For lifting is used wire rope hoist STAHL type SHF 5016. This hoist is designed with reeving 2/2, it means on the rope drum are mounted 2 ropes. In addition, the rope drum is extended as a result of load dimensions. Load capacity is 2 x 800 kg, lifting height is 9 meters.

For feeding the gripping device is used a spring cable reel HARTMANN & KÖNIG type LT 420 / 253, winding the combined cabel 25x2,5 + 5x1,5 ( C ) of length 15m.

As the main power supply of length 34 meters for the whole crane is used energy chain ekd type PKK 228 / 200. This chain is in a robust sliding design and is additionally equipped with replaceable sliding shoes to reduce friction between the bottom and top of the chain. A self-supporting plastic energy chain ekd type PKK 341 / 200 is used for transverse feeding of crab with a travel length 9 m. For enhanced stability is this chain equipped with transoms in each chain segment and increased preload. Both chains are equipped with flexible cables for power, signal and data transmission.