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In the latest issue of Stahl's concern magazine, its readers around the world have been informed about an interesting project with the  Rehau company. The English and German versions of the magazine can be downloaded below.

SLT components s.r.o., a partner of STAHL CraneSystems, modernises a crane system in the Czech Republic.

Around 200 km east of Prague in Moravská Třebová, REHAU Automotive s.r.o. manufactures injection-moulded and extruded components for the automotive industry. The delicate components must be handled carefully, which is why it became necessary to modernise the existing crane system. In just a weekend, the Czech crane builder SLT components s.r.o., a certified partner of STAHL CraneSystems, equipped the system with two new wire rope hoists from STAHL CraneSystems.

Following analysis of the maximum safe working load and foundation of the existing crane runway, SLT components decided to keep these and to install only a new travel carriage. The crab was equipped with an ASF 7 wire rope hoist as main hoist and an SHF 6 wire rope hoist as auxiliary hoist by STAHL CraneSystems. The ASF 7 raised the lifting capacity to 32 tonnes. The SHF 6 auxiliary hoist has a lifting capacity of 20 tonnes. To keep the load on the crane runway and building structure as low as possible and to counteract load swing, the two wire rope hoists are controlled by a frequency inverter. The two hoists can be operated independently of each other and in tandem. They manage a lifting speed of 4 m/min. at a load of 100%. The workforce of SLT components carried out the demanding replacement of the hoists within just one weekend. It was not necessary to interrupt production operations and REHAU Automotive was able to serve its customers as usual. The reliability of the system also satisfied the customer: shortly after installation, a new contract for delivery of a bridge crane equipped with the same travel carriage and the same wire rope hoists was signed


Ing. Zbyněk Dvořák


The new travel carriage was installed on the existing crane in just 48 hours.
A new travel carriage with an ASF 7 as main and an SHF 6 as auxiliary hoist was installed on the existing double girder overhead travelling crane.
The frequency inverter enables careful lifting and lowering of the loads.

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