STAHL CraneSystems

The company STAHL CraneSystems belongs to the world’s leading manufacturers of lifting technologies and crane components. In addition to standard equipment it specializes in lifting equipment with an explosion-proof design. Its portfolio of products is quite complex and unique even on a worldwide level. Its products feature the high standard of innovations, technologies and quality and rank among premium goods.

STAHL CraneSystems enjoys a strong market position thanks to its expertise and system-based approach. If a standard product does not meet a customer’s requirements, designers and technicians gathered in working teams look for the right solution. STAHL CraneSystems hoists and crane components are manufactured in a state-of-the-art fashion and represent a stable and sustainable level of quality.

The company’s customers are renowned manufacturer of mechanical and lifting equipment. Some of them are professional end users. STAHL CraneSystems has a global, efficient network of daughter companies, engineering offices and business partners who provide expert support to customers worldwide.

STAHL CraneSystems has always been open to new ways, innovations and efficient processes, always keeping social and ecological responsibility in mind.